Independent Circuit Design

Why not buy a cheap software package and do it yourself?

Tools of the Trade - The Cadstar suite of tools we use has placement, routing and checking tools, to cope with all facets of circuit board construction.

Learning curves - How long can you afford to spend getting to grips with the software? We have worked with Cadstar and it's derivatives, (Redboard and the Cadet), since the early 1980's, and completed many training courses.

"Garbage in, garbage out" - A simple error in say, creating a component footprint, could not become evident until the manufactured board is back in your hands. - A simple, avoidable error with the netlist could result in hours wasted in fault finding. - Failing to manage to create valid gerber and NC drill files once you've finished could well make your efforts unmanufacturable!

False economies? - We can evaluate the data you can supply us, know what questions to ask, then quickly and efficiently complete the layout and, once approved, proceed to generate a comprehensive package of manufacturing data. If someone takes twice as long to do the job it will delay your product reaching it's market and cost you more.