Independent Circuit Design

Why use Independent Circuit Design?

In an ideal world the transition from schematic capture to board manufacture is seamless, and safe from human error. We aim to achieve this whilst remaining aware that it's not always realistic.

Some schematic capture packages producing Cadstar compatible netlists do not create nets that exactly conform. We have developed utilities that will convert these to useable files and enable extensive cross referencing between the nets and the design file to minimise the chances of errors occuring.

This technique means that any future up-issue can be carried out with minimal ripping up routes just from a new netlist, avoiding unnecessary changes to the areas that should be unchanged, (and saving you money).

Hand drawn circuit diagrams are just as welcome, as we can enter the data we need ourselves, but if you can output any type of netlist talk to us, we can probably use it.

We are a small bureau without affiliations to any of our clients and the confidentiality of your design is paramount to us.

Our offices are well ordered and computers and equipment well maintained and regularly updated.

We try to be your off-site pcb design department, without the overheads and drawbacks of having to maintain one yourself.

For further information on how we can work together give us a call: Tel: 01580 292239

"We're on the same side"